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This website has information about celebrity sightings that are a bit more usual than the rest of the sightings that you will find in here. This topic has a lot of details to know about specially if you are into the world of celebrities. Even within the celebrity world there are several different categories that attract pretty much everybody. Be it sports celebrities, Hollywood celebrities, politics celebrities, and even a combination of all like we can find in the world famous Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger (body builder, Hollywood star and more recently politician). Other topics closely related to celebrity sightings such a Paparazzi and all their strategies to get a celebrity on camera and into tabloids are definitively important to keep in mind. This topic is catchy even for people who often would deny publicly having any interesting in it whatsoever. Know more about celebrity sighting and get ready to experience the yourself.

Do not get surprised if you are reading about celebrity sightings and on the next page you find yourself reading about a more paranormal kind of sighting such as ghosts or UFOs. Even when these topics seem to be so different, remember that our web site is based on the term sighting, which includes a variety of topics that could not be related otherwise. In fact, both of them are topics discussed at our website. In the case of ghosts we have a whole chapter about it plus scary information about haunted houses as well. And the very popular UFO sightings needed to be a part of our site, names like Roswell that is a whole mystery within itself are part of our articles. Like it was mentioned before, a word that defines this site is variety and that you will find at Our site has information on Big Foot sightings, with thousands of reports in different states in the U.S, it is worth taking a second look and find out more specific information about this phenomenon.

Other topics include Foo Fighters that are analyzed from a historical perspective as early varieties of UFO sightings, these reports have a lot of weight in terms of credibility since they were reported by trained pilots from both sides of the World War II. These sightings were first explained by assumptions that they were high technology flying machines their enemies had. Find a very interesting article at Finally, find an article about the Mothman that are somehow a more specific sighting area: Point Pleasant in West Virginia. Find an article on these sightings and learn more about this moth-man looking creature and some possible theories about it. Even though some of these topics will be more credible for you than others, they have all been studied, investigated and documented by mainly collecting testimonies of eye witnesses, pictures and even footage that should not be discarded so easily. Approach these site with an open mind and get the most out of it. Learn and read datails that will let you draw your own conclusions.

At our website you will find a very good chance to increase your knowledge on a wide variety of topics all framed around the concept of sighting. Whether you believe these sightings are real or not, the information that we have included on our web page are far from being made up or boring. Take your time and explore the world of sightings, do it all at one place: Our easy to read articles and summarized versions will allow you get the best details and essential information about a given topic. Whether you need the information to write a paper for school or just for fun, visit us and enjoy the pleasure of reading and the rewards of learning.