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The Top Ten Running Belts That All Runners Will Absolutely Love

Whether you are incorporating running into your fitness regimen to lose weight for the first time or you are training for your next marathon, a running belt will quickly become an essential item in your arsenal.You might be reading theseproduct reviews because you aren’t sure which running belt to go for, or you might be in doubt about whether or not you need one in the first place.

If this sounds like you then you are definitely in the right place because we are going to detail the 10 best running belts on the market, in addition to why you should consider buying one in the first place. Be sure to check out our section discussing the individual features you should consider when buying a running belt. These sections will equip you with all the information you need to get the most bang for your buck.

Best Running Belt
Best of the best

  • Made of waterproof neoprene
  • Unisex design
  • Suitable for a wide range of waist sizes (28" - 48")
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating material
  • Exceptional value for money

Best Value Running Belt Reviews
Best Value

  • Made of a breathable netted material
  • Includes multiple zippered storage compartments
  • Includes an additional hole for your earphone cable
  • Covers a range of waist sizes (30" - 43")
  • Includes reflective strips to keep you safe on the road

Running Belt Product Reviews

  • 1.

    Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

    Editor Rating:

    Comprised of a waterproof neoprene material and constructed with a slick streamlined design, this high-quality running belt provide a well-rounded range of features.The Sport2People Running Pouch Belt offers an amazing amount of value with its dual storage compartments and unisex design that will fit an incredibly wide range of waist sizes.

    Neoprene material This running belt is made of a non-irritating, hypoallergenic neoprene material that is kind to skin and offers a waterproof barrier to protect your items from the rain. Neoprene is strong, flexible, and water-resistant, ensuring your running belt provides a great degree of longevity.
    Streamlined unisex design Unfortunately this belt is only available in black; however, the unisex design means that it is suitable for men and women of all shapes and sizes. The belt itself is designed in a streamlined manner, with a slim body. This makes it far superior to many bulkier running belts, and makes it easier to keep it in place while you are running.
    One size fits all This belt is suitable for a wide range of waist sizes from 28" - 48". Regardless of your waist size, you should have little difficulty fitting into this running belt. As discussed above, the design of this belt makes it very easy to keep it still in place while you're running.
    Reflective patches If you do a lot of night-time or early morning runs then you will definitely want to make sure you are as visible as possible while on the road. Too many runners are harmed in traffic accidents which could have been easily prevented with the addition of reflective patches such as these.
    The Good
    • Made of waterproof neoprene
    • Unisex design
    • Suitable for a wide range of waist sizes (28" - 48")
    • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating material
    • Exceptional value for money
  • 2.

    FREETOO Lightweight Running Belt

    Editor Rating:

    Winner of our Best for the Buck award is theFREETOO Lightweight Running Belt, which offers a truly astounding level of value given its low cost.This running belt is made from a breathable net material and is even available in two different colors, not to mention offering some great storage compartments.

    Breathable material Although this running belt is not waterproof it is constructed using a breathable net material that is designed to reduce dampness caused by sweating.The side of the belt that touches your body is netted to help your skin breathe and keep you comfortable.
    Zippered compartments It should be noted that the storage compartments on this running belt are somewhat lacking in size.If you have a particularly large phone at 5.5 inches or above, you may have difficulty stashing it away in the pockets.Having said that, the compartments themselves are fastened by zippers and are very strong.
    Adjustable waist band The FREETOO Lightweight Running Belt includes an adjustable waistband which can be enlarged to fit waist sizes up to and including 43". On the low end, you can tighten the belt to 30".
    The Good
    • Made of a breathable netted material
    • Includes multiple zippered storage compartments
    • Includes an additional hole for your earphone cable
    • Covers a range of waist sizes (30" - 43")
    • Includes reflective strips to keep you safe on the road
  • 3.

    Top Fit Running Belt for Men + Women

    Editor Rating:

    As the name would suggest, the Top Fit Running Belt for Men + Women is a unisex running belt that has been designed to cater for both sexes.This belt is lightweight and streamlined enough for a woman's body, while still being robust enough to withstand the abuse that a larger male frame might throw at it.

    Universal designAs mentioned above, this is a unisex running belt that offers the same lightweight design of a woman’s running belt with the hardiness of male equivalents. Regardless of the size of your frame or your running style, you should find this to be a very hard-wearing and long-lasting belt.
    Streamlined yet strongThe Top Fit Running Belt for Men + Women incorporates a beautifully streamlined design that emphasizes comfort during longer runs. Despite the relatively small size of this running belt, it is made of tough lycra material that has been designed to last a long time.
    Available in two colorsThis belt is available in black and pink.
    Sweat and water resistantThe synthetic Lycra material that is being used to construct this running belt is water resistant while also being breathable enough to prevent an accumulation of sweat.
    The Good
    • Unisex design
    • Made from sweat and water resistant Lycra material
    • Designed for longevity
    • Lightweight and streamlined
    • Offers plenty of storage space
    • Available in four different colors
    • Includes a small hole for your earphone cable
  • 4.


    Editor Rating:

    The FlipBelt is one of the more popular running belts on the market, available in a range of nine different colors to suit all tastes and preferences.This running belt provides tons of storage space, all of which is easily accessible thanks to multiple entry points across the circumference of the belt.

    Storage galore This running belt really shines when it comes to the amount of storage on offer.There are storage compartments around the entire circumference of the belt, in addition to multiple access points for the pockets so that you can easily get to the items you need in a hurry.
    Anti-bounce design Loose bouncing running belts are a runner’s worst enemy, and you can clearly see that the manufacturer has taken this into consideration when designing the FlipBelt. The belt fits very evenly and is made of a non-irritating material that is easy on the skin and breathable to prevent you from feeling too sweaty.
    Available in multiple colors This running belt is available in nine different colors, including black, pink, sky blue, grey, green, red, yellow, navy blue, and purple.
    Reflective logo We have already touched on the subject of road safety a few times in this buying guide. This is obviously a serious concern for a lot of runners, so you will be pleased to know that the FlipBelt incorporates a reflective logo to help drivers see you in low light conditions
    The Good
    • Extremely popular running belt
    • Available in nine different colors
    • Specifically designed to avoid bouncing and movement while running
    • Machine washable and dryable
    • Offers ample storage space
    • Offers multiple access points for each pocket around the belt
  • 5.

    Gear Beast Waterproof Waist Bag

    Editor Rating:

    What we have here is an affordable, yet surprisingly functional running belt that offers an incredible amount of value at under $13.This belt has been made using a light weight spandexmaterial, meaning it’s water resistant while remaining flexible enough and strong enough to withstand the rigors of even the most intense training regimen.It can expand to fit larger smart phones and offers an easy way to connect headphones without unzipping the storage pocket.

    Extremely lightweight This running belt has been specifically designed lightweight materials to prevent it from interfering with your runs.It also fits very snuggly and securely around your waist so that it will not bounce around while you're on the road.Colorful with Reflective Strips Gear Beast’s awesome belt comes in different colors that are perfect for both men and women. This running waist bag also features reflective strips,which are designed to help keep you safe if you are running in low-light or nighttime. Storage galore The storage compartments in this running Belt have been designed to be expandable so that you can easily fit all of your much-needed accessories including larger smartphones, keys, cards and more. You can also connect your headphones or earbuds without unzipping the storage pocket. Weather resistant material The spandex synthetic material that this belt has been made from offers a great level of water resistance and overall protection from the elements.The zippered pouch provides an extra layer of water resistant protection for you items.
    The Good
    • Very lightweight and durable
    • Available in 5 different colors
    • Offers fantastic value for money
    • Covers a wide range of waist sizes (24" - 42")
    • Features a thin and sleek design
    • Connect headphones without unzipping pocket
    • Expandable waist pack
  • 6.

    Camden Gear Running Belt

    Editor Rating:

    This running Belt has been praised by users for its lightweight, waterproof neoprene material and overall robust construction.You will find excellent storage compartments on this belt that are suitable to store some of the larger phones currently on the market. There are 4 reflective tabs for increased safety when running at night.

    Large storage compartments As mentioned above, the Camden Gear Running Belt features large storage compartments measuring 6.7″ in height.With these belts you should have all the space you need to stash away your belongings while running. These belts should be large enough to fit most phones currently in circulation.
    Waterproof neoprene material Adding to the benefit of the largest storage space is the fact that the pouches themselves are made using a waterproof synthetic neoprene material to keep your items safely protected from the elements. Many of the running belts in this buying guide offer varying levels of water resistance, but the Camden Gear Running Belt offers full waterproof functionality to give you the ultimate peace of mind.
    Secure fit While this is certainly not the most attractive running belt on the market, it has been designed to offer superior functionality. This is evidenced best by just how well it fits a variety of waste sizes. Incorporating a waistband that covers sizes from 24″ to 47″, the Camden Gear Running Belt should be suitable for everyone from the most petite of women to larger men.
    The Good
    • Offers tons of storage space
    • Designed to hold phones up to 6 inches in size
    • Stays securely in place while you’re running
    • Constructed using a blend of spandex and Lycra materials
    • Lightweight and flexible
    • Incorporates a reflective strip to keep you safe on the road
  • 7.

    UShake Bounce Free Waist Pouch

    Editor Rating:

    If you are the kind of person who likes to take a lot of different items with you on runs then you will definitely want to take a close look at this running belt.In addition to being water resistant, the UShake Running Belt offers a veritable wealth of storage space with multiple compartments, all with a surprisingly low price.

    Unisex design This running belt has been designed with both men and women in mind thanks to its neutral color scheme and overall aesthetic. The UShake Running Belt is somewhat on the bulky side compared to some of the svelter, streamlined running belts on the market, so it might not be ideally suited to smaller runners. Having said that, it is very lightweight in nature and has elasticated straps that cater for waste sizes all the way down to 27″. With this in mind, even smaller individuals should find this to be quite a comfortable belt around their waist. It would have been nice to see this belt available in more than just one color (black), but the overall design is solid enough to make it appealing to a wider variety of customers.
    Soft skin-friendly material The UShake Running Belt is comprised of a soft synthetic neoprene material that has been designed to be hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin. Neoprene also offers the additional benefit of being sweat proof and water resistant, while being breathable enough to prevent the accumulation of moisture during your runs.
    Ample storage space Perhaps where it is running belt shines greatest is in the vast amount of storage space that it offers.Whether you are using this belt for short runs of just a mile or two or longer hikes of several miles, you will be able to fit a ton of excessive reason, snacks, and other tidbits in this belt thanks to its large and durable storage compartments.
    The Good
    • Unisex design
    • Designed to stay in place while you run
    • Made of a soft neoprene material designed to be non-irritating
    • Incorporates a small hole for you to feed your earphone cable through
    • Caters for a wide range of waist sizes (27″ – 43″)
    • Very reasonably priced
    • Designed with elasticated straps for increased comfort
  • 8.

    UFashion3C Running Belt Bag

    Editor Rating:

    This is a very cool running belt that features a clear plastic storage compartment that enables you to use the touch screen on your phone through the PVC window.This makes it ideal for running in the rain when you want to change the song you are listening to or send a text message without having to take your phone out of the running belt.

    Clear PVC windowThe defining characteristic of this running belt is that it features a clear PVC window that gives you unfettered access to the touchscreen on your phone without having to take it out of the storage compartment.This offers the dual benefit of added convenience while also offering an additional level of protection for your phone against the elements. The storage space is also large enough to fit large phones. You might have to take some of the largest models out of their case to fit them into this running belt, but overall there is a very generous amount of storage space on offer here.
    Available in nine colorsThe uFashion3C Running Belt Bag is available in nine different colors including black, blue, pink, red, white, dark blue, green, pink, and purple.
    Water resistant materialAlthough not entirely waterproof, the uFashion3C Running Belt Bag is made of a highly water resistant material that should go a long way towards keeping your items dry provided they are stashed away securely.
    Breathable and sweat-proofIt is very difficult to achieve a balance between water resistance and breathable material. However, the manufacturer has done a fantastic job of designing a well-rounded running belt that covers all of these bases quite well. While also keeping your items dry, the uFashion3C Running Belt Bag should also help to prevent an accumulation of sweat around your waist thanks to the breathable nature of its material.
    The Good
    • Includes a clear PVC window for easy access to your phone
    • Incorporate a small hole to feed your earphone cable through
    • Designed to fit securely around your waist without bouncing
    • Offers surprisingly good value for money
    • Available in nine different colors
    • Caters for a wide range of waist sizes (25″ – 39″)
    • Made of a strong water resistant material
  • 9.

    SPIbelt Performance Series

    Editor Rating:

    Boasting a surprisingly large amount of storage space considering its small size, this item is very well designed. The SPIbelt Performance Series Running Belt is available in several different colors and covers a broad range of waist sizes, making it suitable for just about any runner out there.

    Water resistant While not 100% water proof, this running belt offers an impressive level of water resistance to help keep your phone, money, and other items as dry as possible. It also incorporates a very resistant zipper that adds to the dryness factor. Covers a wide audience This item covers waist sizes ranging from 29" - 52", so even larger individuals will be able to benefit from its sleek streamlined design.Furthermore, this belt is even available in seven different colors including black and blue, black with blue zip, black with purple zip, black with titanium zip, black with black zip, black with pink zip, and black with red zip. Deceptively large storage compartment The most impressive feature of this belt is the way its storage compartment expands. At first glance, this looks like a very small running belt that won’t be able to hold many items, but once you've expanded the storage compartment you will be amazed by how easily it can hold your phone, keys, wallet, and so on. Thin design We have already touched on the streamlined design of this belt, but it should be emphasized just how slick its design really is. Looking like just a thin strip of material, this running belt can expand in storage space while still remaining impressively resistant to the elements.
    The Good
    • Available in seven different colors
    • Water resistant
    • Designed to hold large phones
    • Covers a wide range of waist sizes (29" - 52")
    • Incorporates a weatherproof zipper
    • Boasts a large storage compartment
  • 10.

    Peak Gear Water Bottle Belt

    Editor Rating:

    This is a very cool running belt that features a clear plastic storage compartment that enables you to use the touch screen on your phone through the PVC window.This makes it ideal for running in the rain when you want to change the song you are listening to or send a text message without having to take your phone out of the running belt.

    Water Bottle Pouch we have to start with the most distinguishing feature of this item, and that is the water bottle pouch. It can hold most commercial water bottles of up to 12 ounces with a max diameter of 3 inches. Breathable and Comfortable the breathable mesh backing provides comfort, while the rubber backing prevents chaffing and keeps the belt from sliding down your waist while running. Versatile this belt offers a wide range of versatility as it can be used when running, walking, hiking, working out, riding a bike and more. It also fits a wide range of waists from 26” to 49”. Storage in addition to a water bottle, there’s a zippered pouch and side straps that offer places to store gel. The zippered pouch can be used for your smart phone, keys and cards. In fact, there’s a key ring inside the pouch to safely fasten your keys. There’s also a hole for your headphones, so that you don’t have to unzip the pouch to access your music device.
    The Good
    • Storage space for water bottle
    • Fits bottles up to 12oz and 3” in diameter
    • Multiple storage spaces
    • Key ring within zippered pouch to secure keys
    • Reflective strips
    • Fits waists from 26” to 49”
    • Rubber backing for comfort
    • Multipurpose belt for many physical activities
    • Hole for headphones
    • Water resistant nylon material

Why a Running Belt could be a great idea for you

Running belts are fitness tools often overlooked by the average exerciser or runner. Yet, they are incredibly useful and practical for runners of all levels and backgrounds. If you are unsure as to why these belts are a must have for runners of all levels, then check out our list of the following reasons why you should start using a running belt:

Storage Perhaps the most obvious reason for buying a running belt, is that it will enable you to store all of the items you might take on a run with you, such as your phone, wallet, keys, loose change, etc.
Running belts offer a variety of different pockets and storage compartments to accommodate the more obvious items you’re likely to run with.Not all storage compartments are made equal.

The running belts in this guide vary in terms of the amount of water resistance and sweat prevention on offer. Some storage compartments are expandable, while others are inflexible.

The takeaway message here should be that having large storage compartments alone is not always going to cut it for you if you are running in a lot of rain or generally adverse weather conditions. Make sure you choose a running belt that gives you the level of protection appropriate to the climate you live in and the season you intend to run in.

Safety Many running belts feature reflective patches and strips to improve your visibility to drivers when you are running on the road.Safety is an often overlooked consideration to many runners, especially those of you who are just starting out and lack the experience of more seasoned runners.

Every year in America, more than 4,000 runners and pedestriansare killed in traffic accidents. Ensure you don’t become a statistic by investing in a running belt that has these safety features.

This is probably less of a concern to those of you who are running in parks or rural areas, but we should still stress the importance of ensuring you are visible to those around you.

Versatility The versatility of some running belts is quite impressive. In addition to storage compartments of all shapes and sizes, many belts offer adjustable waist straps, water bottle holders, and even small holes to feed your headphone cables through so that you can listen to your music comfortably.

The vast majority of running belts are also unisex by design, making them suitable for men and women; boys and girls alike.Naturally, you will also find certain running belts available in a variety of different colors.

Durability Given the beating that you’re running belt is likely to take, it is well worth investing in one which offers a little extra in terms of ruggedness.Hard-wearing, and even waterproof materials are often used in these belts, so be sure to bear that in mind if you expect to be running out in a lot of adverse weather conditions.Pay attention to the materials used in the running belts you are looking at to ensure your stored items remain protected regardless of what nature throws at you.

Re-imagined In the past, some may have considered running belts or fanny packs to be a dorky artifact of the 80s. This really couldn’t be further from the truth.Running belts and pouches have been re-designed and re-imagined for the 21st century. The neutral unisex designs of this modern era of running belts make them a stylish addition to anyone’s fitness repertoire.

While researching and testing these running belts we have been pleasantly surprised by just how far some of the technology has come in terms of synthetic materials and the overall robustness of some of the belts on offer.The design and functionality of today’s running belts are a far cry from those of the past, so if you do end up turning a few heads it will certainly be for all the right reasons.

How to choose the best Running Belt for you

Investing in your first running belt or upgrading from your current one can be quite difficult because there are so many options available.With this in mind, the following section details all of the various factors you should consider when choosing your running belt.The criteria detailed below will help to ensure you choose the best running belt for your tastes, preferences and runs:

Comfort If you are serious about running then you will probably be wearing a running belt over some considerable mileage.Anything you intend to wear for such a long time will need to be comfortable otherwise it will just become a hindrance to your fitness and training efforts.

Depending on your own body proportions, we recommend considering features like adjustable or flexible waistbands so that your belt is neither too loose nor too tight.You will want your running belt to remain still and in place while you are running, so make sure you choose one that fits well with your waist size.

Storage Space Some of us can just hit the road and get going, while others will want to take additional accessories like a water bottle, a phone, keys, and so on.Take a moment to think about the items you will be taking on your runs so that you can choose a running belt that has enough storage compartments of adequate size to store them.

Some running belts include holsters to hold onto water bottles. This can be a lifesaver for those of you who drink a lot of water while running but don’t want to hold a bottle in your hands the entire time.

Materials Different manufacturers will use different materials in the construction of their running belts.

The vast majority of running belts are made using synthetic materials, which is typically a good thing because they offer greater water resistance while drying far quicker than natural materials if they do get wet.

Nevertheless, some of running belts are specifically designed to be waterproof and provide protection against the elements.Some belts also offer greater sweat absorption and ventilation to enhance comfort.

Color and DesigMost of the running belts that we have reviewed are provided in neutral colors, typically black.Having said that, there are still a wide variety of designs available on the market and some of the running belts we are looking at are available in a multitude of different colors.Be sure to take a look at some of the different designs on offer because you might be pleasantly surprised by just how stylish some of these running actually are.

Quality This running belt article covers products across the entire spectrum.We highly recommend being willing to spend a little extra, if necessary, to ensure that you get a high quality product made from strong and comfortable materials; one that will last you multiple seasons and hopefully years.

With that being said, spending more doesn’t always mean you will be getting a better quality product, as evidenced by the FREETOO Lightweight Running Belt which we have listed as the best value running belt available. So, make sure you read what the belt is made out of and how durable it really is.

Cost For many people their choice of running belt will often come down to cost.We don’t all have a limitless budget to spend on running accessories, so if your funds are quite limited then you might want to think about prioritizing the features that are most important to you.Fortunately, we have reviewed running belts at a variety of price points, so you should almost certainly be able to find one that fits within your budget and offers the features you are looking for.

Making Your Decision

We hope that you have found this article to be useful in your quest for the best running belt.By now, you should have all of the information you need to make an informed purchase by choosing a running belt that fits with your tastes and requirements.

Running belts are typically far from being the most expensive purchase you’ll make this year, but you will still want to get the best value for your money. It is our hope that we helped you achieve that.

Take into consideration all of the factors involved in purchasing a running belt and make sure that you don’t overlook the most important thing – your safety. Happy running!

If this sounds like you then you are definitely in the right place because we are going to detail the 10 best running belts on the market, in addition to why you should consider buying one in the first place. Be sure to check out our section discussing the individual features you should consider when buying a running belt. These sections will equip you with all the information you need to get the most bang for your buck.

We have scoured the Internet, researching the endless options available to compile our list and expert product reviews. Our staff has combed through countless user reviews and ratings as well as testing each individual product to gauge a fair understanding of each one’s advantages and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of inferior products on the market so we have gone to great lengths to ensure that only the very best running belts have found their way into this article.

All of the hard work has already been done for you, so we hope that you enjoy this wealth of information and run over to your online shopping cart to purchase a running belt today.

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